Strummers are a flagship of folk soundtracks in online gambling!

Strummers is an award-winning folk band. Founded in 2012, the group consists of five members: lead singer and guitarist Andy Strummer, bassist/vocalist Tim Smith, drummer Steve Halliday, fiddler/mandolin player Jenna Johnston and multi-instrumentalist Ian Anderson. This is crazy but they have created several soundtracks for Izzi Casino games and become extremely popular in the industry at once! Now every gambling website dreams about using its tunes, but not everyone has the opportunity. 

How do gambling platforms select soundtracks?

Music is an integral component of the gaming experience, setting the tone and atmosphere for online casino games. Brands invest considerable effort in curating the perfect tune to complement their products, aiming to engage customers and enhance the overall pastime.

The process of selecting involves several factors, including the game's theme, target audience, and desired emotional response. Developers often collaborate with composers and sound designers to create custom songs that align with the aesthetic and narrative. Izzi Casino’s approach to music preference is to choose tracks that evoke the atmosphere of a traditional gambling house. Classic tunes with jazz, lounge, or swing influences can provide users with a sense of familiarity and authenticity, replicating the ambiance of a brick-and-mortar one.

In other cases, designers may opt for a melody that reflects the game's theme or setting. For example, a product with an ancient Egyptian subject may incorporate traditional Middle Eastern instruments and songs, while an activity set in outer space may feature futuristic electronic soundscapes.

Another consideration is the tempo and intensity. Fast-paced, high-energy tracks can create a sense of excitement and urgency, while slower, more ambient tracks may foster a relaxed and contemplative atmosphere on the Izzi Casino platform. The chosen music can influence player behaviour, with some studies suggesting that a faster rhythm can encourage quicker betting decisions. Ultimately, the goal is to create an immersive and engaging audio background that enhances gameplay and keeps players coming back. 

The folk theme in virtual gambling

This sort of music, with its rich cultural heritage and diverse regional influences, has emerged as a popular genre of the business. By incorporating traditional melodies and instruments, developers can create unique and authentic gaming. 

Cultural appeal: Folk provides a strong sense of cultural identity and nostalgia, appealing to Izzi Casino users who wish to connect with their roots or explore new cultures. Products featuring the genre evoke feelings of familiarity and belonging.

Storytelling potential: the music often carries a narrative element, making it an ideal medium for storytelling within games. Developers can use this to convey a backstory or establish a strong sense of place and time.

Aesthetic variety: The diverse range of instruments, melodies, and rhythms found in folk themes offers a wealth of creative possibilities for developers. From Celtic harps and African drums to Indian sitars and Andean flutes, the inclusion can add depth and texture to a game's audio landscape.

Market differentiation: In a competitive gaming industry, the incorporation of this kind of soundtrack helps platforms stand out from the competition. By offering activities that feature culturally distinct tunes, websites appeal to a broader audience and foster customer loyalty.

In conclusion, the music selection process for internet games of chance is a critical aspect of their development, with various factors influencing the choice of soundtrack. The increasing presence of folk music at Izzi Casino reflects the industry's ongoing efforts to create immersive and culturally diverse experiences that cater to the tastes and preferences of a global audience. By embracing the rich heritage of the genre, platforms celebrate the world's musical traditions.